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The WAHOO KICKR SNAP V2 features a professional high-quality flywheel that replicates an extraordinarily authentic road feel.

What you need from your indoor trainer is straight forward. It has to offer a realistic indoor riding experience, has to be stable and must be accurate and powerful. That is exactly what the KICKR snap 2 offers. With this trainer, you can challenge yourself with that enthralling sensation of an ascent or descent, while knowing that it has a power measurement that is accurate to 5%. Your KICKR snap 2 also measures valuable speed, distance and power metrics while you work out. These stats are vital to have for your analytical and sharing needs.


The trainer is also super quiet, which is another key feature that has to be included in an indoor trainer. We all know how annoying a foreign sound can be, or, more pressingly, how much it can trouble people who live in the same space as you do. Finally, the KICKR snap 2 also offers more compatible third party apps than any other trainer. The device works with apps such as Kinomap, Virtual Training and Trainer Road, so you don’t have to worry about app compatibility at all.


You have full control over your resistance levels. All you have to do is set your power of choice, and let the device do the rest for you.

With the KICKR Snap 2, you can set your resistance and power via your app of choice. You have full control over your ride.


The KICKR Snap 2 is really, really simple to attach to your bike of choice. This makes it super convenient for you to quickly turn your bike into an indoor power machine.

Please note: The Wahoo Kickr snap is only compatible with 142mm non-boost hubs, for Thru Axle bikes you will require WAHOO KICKR SNAP THROUGH AXLE ADAPTER KIT


As you’ve seen, the KICKR snap 2 offers state of the art and incredibly accurate and realistic riding experience, all, while remaining really easy to fit to your bike. With this in mind, comes a paramount factor that must exist for the Snap to be useful. Stability, boy is it stable. The KICKR Snap 2 features heavy-duty carbon steel with a wide stance, which essentially yells: “Take me for a spin, as intense as you can.” With this sturdy design and strong from, you can be assured that your Snap is capable of taking a world-class workout.


KICKR CLIMB was designed jointly with the new KICKR and new KICKR SNAP 2 Smart Trainers to deliver the best possible riding experience. By pairing the CLIMB to the new KICKR SNAP 2 you will experience real ascents and descents while riding along with virtual courses and performing structured workouts.


New LED lights provide a visual confirmation that the SNAP 2 is powered, connected and transmitting.

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