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Jett 20 Single Speed

Jett 20 Single Speed

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Kids move fast, and grow faster. At times, it can seem like thereÕs a small window for the perfect bike fit. The right bike for a young rider is a delicate balance between too small, too big, and a short-lived just right. If weÕre going to inspire the next generation of riders, we need to keep kids comfortably riding longer.

The Jett is designed so that youÕll never fear the growth spurts. We did our homework to understand how kids growÑspoiler alert, kidsÕ arms and legs grow more rapidly than their torso. We took to the books and designed a bike with child-specific touch points that withstand the development of young riders. The Jett is uniquely adjustable, perfectly proportional, and child-liftableÑyouÕll always be set to Jett.

The Jett Single Speed features an adjustable handlebar that allows kids to fine tune reach as their arms grow. The narrower saddle and grips were informed by a RetŸl study on kids to be the appropriately sizeÑwith handbrakes on both the 16Ó and 20Ó. And whatÕs more, we designed the frame and reviewed every component to make the Jett one of the lightest bikes on the market. YouÕre going to have to beg them to get off this bike.

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